Experts in Internet technology agree that security is the number one concern for people who use Internet technologies. Internet users who are new to the Internet have heard horror stories about identity theft and rootkits, Trojan horses, worms, rootkits, etc. Internet novices aren’t familiar with these terms but they know that if they don’t have the best Internet security software, disaster is on their horizon. Come and visit our website search it on you can learn more.

Even people with some Internet experience may find it difficult to identify what to look out for and how to set it up when they do find it. We have to rely on whatever information and software that we can find. We do not have any resources to advise us on who to trust. We keep going, without ever knowing the causes of these Internet security weaknesses.

Users are often surprised to find that Internet security is more about the programs installed and used on the computer than what they do on the Web. Because Apple software is so rare, viruses are less likely to target it. This means that doing the same things as on a PC on an Apple would not expose you to the same security threats. This is true of all Linux platforms. The overwhelming majority of Windows-based users are vulnerable to hackers creating viruses and trojans. For those who do not need specific Windows programs, there is an easy solution: switch operating systems.

Windows’s ability to be hacked is made even more difficult by the standard set of applets and helper programs that it has. Windows Mail Express and Outlook Express, for example, come pre-configured so that they can automatically open files. You’re in trouble if a file contains a virus. This is just one of many security holes that Windows has when it’s first installed. Windows isn’t built secure from the beginning and then adds features. Instead, Windows is full of features that are then patched as people find holes. Your computer is at great risk if you wait for the bug fixes to be released and installed on your system before hackers discover the holes.